Trail 304 (with shortcut)

Trail 340Type: Hiking Trail
Location: Phoenix Mountain Preserve
Difficulty: Easy Distance / Moderate Terrain
Distance: 1.2 Miles
Hiking Rating: Good
Biking Rating: Nope
Last Hiked On: May 19, 2013
Map: Google Map : City of Phoenix PDF Map
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Lookout Mountain – Trail 308

Lookout Mountain - Trail 308 - Trailhead

Lookout Mountain – Trail 308 – Trailhead

Type: Hiking & Mountain Biking Trail
Location: Looktout Mountain
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Distance: 2.2 Miles
Hiking Rating: Good
Mountain Bike Rating: Fair
Last Hiked On: May 6, 2013
Last Biked On: May 3, 2013
Map: Google Maps : City of Phoenix PDF Map : Green Trails Map

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