Lookout Mountain – Summit Trail 150

Lookout Mountain - Trail 150

Lookout Mountain – Trail 150

Type: Hiking Trail
Location: Looktout Mountain
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Distance: 1 – 1.5 Miles
Rating: Good Trail – Great Views at the Summit
Last Hiked On: May 6, 2013
Map: Google Map : City of Phoenix PDF Map : Green Trails Map


A short trail (one mile out and back) with great views at the top. Starts off easy, but becomes increasingly steep and rocky to the point where you need to scramble parts of the trail near the top. At these spots where you need to climb, there really is no trail, but there are white dots painted sporadically along the way to give a clue which way to go.

This is strictly a hiking trail, no horses or mountain bikes allowed.

There is typically a light but constant stream of traffic on the trails during the week but parking is not usually a problem until the weekend.

Lookout Mountain is criss-crossed with trails, don’t feel restricted to the main summit trail. Trail 308 is a good easy loop all the way around the park.

Park Facilities

At the 18th Street trailhead (marked on the map below), there is only a small parking lot and a water fountain. No toilet and no other amenities. But what is lacks in features, it makes up for in trail access, it is right at the base of the Summit Trail (150).

Side Trail

There is an alternate side trail that is much more “fun” than the main trail (see map below). It is more scenic, but also more treacherous with some steep gully crossing. The alternate adds about 1/4 mile (one way).


There is a small parking lot at the end of N 16th Street. The trailhead is at the back right corner. This trailhead also leads to trail 308.

Map of Trail 150

Pictures of Trail 150


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